2021 State of Sales Training

Check out the new 2021 State of Sales Training whitepaper

The 2021 State of Sales Training whitepaper allows sales enablement professionals to read into data from a recent survey on subtopics such as skills and strategy trainings, sales kickoff meetings, and how organizations develop and manage their sales training content.

Given the commitment organizations make to their sales training efforts, it’s essential that they benchmark themselves against other organizations to stay abreast of a changing landscape. The 2021 State of Sales Training serves as an important update to past research on sales training (such as ATD’s 2019 State of Sales Training).

A Sample of Findings from the Whitepaper:

  • The average organization dedicated 69 percent of its sales training budget to internal costs such as staff salaries.
  • At the typical organization, the average first-year salesperson had seven to eight annual training days. The average third-year and fifth-year salespeople had three to four training days.
  • The median salesperson exceeded their sales goal at 25 percent of organizations, met their sales goal at 47 percent of organizations, and failed to meet their goal at 28 percent of organizations.

Cover of the 2021 State of Sales Training report from ATD Research.