Change Management

Adapting to change successfully is vital for long-term organizational growth.

In the ever-evolving business world, change is becoming the new normal. Businesses are constantly reinventing themselves, job descriptions are being rewritten, titles are changing—the list goes on and on. But sometimes a change that is intended to save or rejuvenate a business, leads not to success, but utter collapse. The number one reason? A poor change management plan (or lack of one altogether).

LearnNow: Change Management provides a fresh perspective on change management. This in-person learning event will teach you a practical approach to managing change in your organization. You will walk away with a change strategy that is seamlessly aligned to your business goals. The workshop facilitators, Antoine Gerschel and Lawrence Polsky, will share examples of how to successfully use the five milestones for rapid results within an organization, highlighting a hands-on tool for each one.

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