ATD Master Performance Consultant™ Program

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Analyze performance gaps. Deliver impactful solutions. Foster exemplary performance.

This advanced-level program covers the entire performance consulting process from identifying the root cause analysis and defining and recommending a solution, implementation, and evaluation. You’ll work closely with facilitators to master all aspects of performance consulting to understand how systematic analysis and targeted solutions deliver business results. Identify areas where you excel and where you have opportunities for growth. Benefit from collaborative and structured training and the opportunity to assess your knowledge and skills.

After this program you will be able to:

  • Assess current strengths in performance consulting competency areas and roles (for example, expert, advisor, coach, and facilitator) and identify opportunities for ongoing improvement.
  • Apply ATD’s Performance Consulting Framework (for example, ethics, critical skills, consulting competency areas, process, methodology, tools, relationship management, and specializations) to enhance their ability to improve clients’ individual, team, or organizational performance.
  • Establish and manage a trusting relationship with the client and key stakeholders during an engagement and beyond.
  • Use the Performance DNA Methodology and tools to gain client alignment and commitment, capture goals and performance gaps, identify key performers, analyze human performance, recognize positive and negative influences on performance, and document findings, just to name a few.


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