Change Management Certificate

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Become a change leader, facilitator, and communicator.

ATD’s Change Management Certificate explores the process of facilitating organizational change and introduces the ATD CHANGE model, a strategic and tactical tool to guide you through the process of leading and influencing change.

Armed with a step-by-step approach and plenty of supporting tools and resources, you will leave the program ready to become a change leader who is prepared to navigate the personal and organizational dynamics of change in today’s work environment.

In this program, you will:

  • Uncover how to drive meaningful organizational change using the latest change management and project management resources and tools to increase speed, efficiency, and overall success.
  • Discover how to plan and prepare change projects by assessing change needs and organizational readiness, building a change team, and forming a change plan.
  • Learn how to build personal resilience and stamina to navigate the stresses of the change journey and maintain agility to support the needs of stakeholders.

Change Management Certificate Brochure

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